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Welcome to Heritage Counts

What Is Heritage Counts?

Heritage Counts is an annual survey of the state of England's historic environment. It is produced by Historic England on behalf of the Historic Environment Forum (HEF).

Each year Heritage Counts explores the social and economic role of the historic environment and focuses on a different theme. The theme of Heritage Counts 2015 is caring for the local historic environment.

There is a national report and regional reports which outline the key changes in each English region.

In 2016, we have also produced Heritage and Society 2016 which presents facts and figures which illustrate the benefits the historic environment brings to society.

For more information please see our Frequently Asked Questions.

Heritage Counts 2015 - Caring for the local historic environment

This year's edition of Heritage Counts reports on the views and experiences of those responsible for looking after the local historic environment. 

The full reports for the research above can be downloaded separately from the Caring for the local historic environment page.

Hard copies of the national Heritage Counts 2015 report can be ordered from Historic England Customer Services on 0370 333 0607.


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